Young Living Income Report

Last month I talked about earning money with Young Living. I didn’t see Young Living as a revenue source when I first purchased my premium starter kit. I wanted to try it out. Okay, I really just wanted that essential oil diffuser.

The more I learned about what exact Young Living was doing, the more I moved our products to Young Living. We wanted to use less toxic chemicals in our home. I wanted to see if I could get relief in certain areas in my life and health.

I had used essential oils in the past  We enjoyed the products, shared and this little “trial” and wanting that oil diffuser turned into a full-blown business. This business that has made me several thousand dollars. It all started with just a $160 investment. I purchased the Young Living Premium Starter Kit and got my oil diffuser! I purchased from a friend who is a Young Living distributor. 

Making Money With Young Living

Peppermint Essential OilsLet’s talk briefly about making money with Young Living. I have to say this before I say anything else. If you have a product that sucks, sure you can make SOME money – but you will never make real money… why?

People talk.

If you have an awesome product that can change how someone lives and it works – it will sell, someone will tell someone about it’s awesomeness (hello, word of mouth marketing) and that person will buy, tell someone else… THAT is how you make money and THAT is how you sell product. If the product you are selling is not AWESOME, you will not have long-term success. 

This is EXACTLY why you can make money with Young Living. The Young Living products are AWESOME.

These essential oils are therapeutic grade, made seed to seal. The company owns their own farms and each oil is overseen by YL….. from the seed to cultivating, distilling, testing and sealing the essential oils bottle. This guarantees that the product you receive is genuine. Without genuine you have hogwash. I don’t do hogwash, I would never endorse hogwash. This is NOT hogwash. 

With an awesome product, it can sell itself.

Young Living Income Report

So how much money does Young Living bring in? I thought that I would do a Young Living Income Report of my first year with Young Living. Why am I posting this? Because so many people ask, and let’s face it. If you searched for this – you want to know. 

In order to give you an idea of how much money can be made with Young Living. Also talk a little bit about my previous hatred of network marketing, mlm, direct sales, etc. 

Annoying Friend Factor

I refuse to be the annoying friend pushing product!
I refuse to be the annoying friend pushing product!

I have always had a hate for network marketing, direct sales, or MLMs, whatever you want to call them. WHY? It is NEVER the product.

  • For years I used Mary Kay facial cleaner and mascara.
  • I LOVE my Pampered Chef products that have lasted me for years and jump at the chance to buy more with every party invite.
  • I decorated my first home with the now dead Southern Living at Home.

I have NOTHING against companies that use direct sales — it’s the DIRECT SALES distributors that drive me mad! I never wanted to be THE ANNOYING FRIEND who is bugging someone about this product or that.

Truth be told, most of my friends have no idea that I am a Young Living distributor, NOT because I don’t 110% believe in the product – because I don’t want to be the annoying friend and they are not my ideal income.

I only share with those I think that will benefit in a personal manner, never in a spammy way. I keep a separate Facebook page dedicated ONLY for those friends and future friend who want to know more about how I am using essential oils and Young Living products. It’s as simple as that. 


While I cannot publish my paychecks, I can give you an idea of the income generated and how my business has grown.  Note, here is the official income statement from Young Living

Income History

I realized that if I just sold 3 Premium Starter Kits, I would of pretty much made back my initial investment for my oils. Getting my essential oils paid for every month was my initial thought which turned into a goal.

young living income report

I was able to achieve that during my first month as a distributor. I’ll talk a bit more about my goals in just a little bit, but wanted to give you a brief history of my Young Living business. 

Young Living Income Disclosure Report

As I talk about the levels below, the income statements above have proven true to my paychecks. Make sure to check out the 2017 statement to read the exacts what Young Living says in regards to income. Results may vary. 

November – Senior Star

My first distributor  was my sister. She signed on in November. I was so excited that she wanted to join in on the adventure, but didn’t expect her to do more than use the products. I was wrong. She jumped in, used the products and decided she wanted to build a team. My sister has an awesome group that jumped in and joined her team.

WOAH, uh – my oils were more than paid for – goal achieved. PLUS since I made more than my goal – I was able to put part of my Young Living income into tires! I was hoping for it to go to our Christmas fund, but hey thats unexpected income.  was not expecting that.

I started a Facebook page and this blog to talk about essential oils. I figured this would be a good outlet rather than be the annoying friend because that just isn’t me people!

December  – Executive

young living executive rank

November was awesome with the additional money and my essential oils paid for. I didn’t know what I was in for in December. I mean, December everyone is in Christmas mode, right? I know I was focused on getting all the ducks lined up so that my family would have an awesome Christmas. I barely had time to function, my regular job is insane at the end of the year. But low and behold, somehow this little side thing of mine started churning. 

By the end of December, my team grew to 65 members. WHAT? 65 people in one month? This is where I started to understand what network marketing really was. Network marketing is the power of people, I always saw it as annoying but it doesn’t have to be. 

At the end of the month I found out I had moved up a rank to Executive. I was shocked and honestly in disbelief. 

I learned about a program Young Living has for people wanting to pursue the business side. It’s called Silver in 6 or SI6. Once you hit Executive, if you are able to achieve the Silver rank (the next level up) within 6 months of you first hitting executive – Young Living bonuses you with the Aroma Complete collection. This is the end-all-be-all set of essential oils – value $1995. This is over 120 essential oils and a carry case. This sounded fabulous and all and in 6 months to do this – I doubted myself. I’m a realist and just didn’t want to get my hopes up!

young living aroma complete

January – Executive

January rolled around and again, I have a job but love my essential oils. I continued talking about them, blogging about them and just sharing how I personally have used them myself and with my family. I really began to hear testimonies from people on my growing team how these oils are benefiting their families. While it is AWESOME to get a paycheck – it is AMAZING to hear how others feel that their lives are changed by something you introduced them to.

My team hit over 100 members. I shook my head, couldn’t believe it. 

February  – Silver

Young Living Silver RankI decided to put some effort into this. I mean, I HAVE a job. But this is making some extra income, so why not give it a try. We have 4 kids and any extra money I can bring in helps our family. Kids are expensive, as any parent knows. We do fine with the basics, but anything extra always seems to be a stretch. 

This month, business exploded. The Facebook page decided to grow like crazy and several team members who purchased a few months back either re-ordered or started selling. I truly started understanding the power and purpose of network marketing. 

At the end of the month, I found out that I hit Silver. I cried. No, like seriously cried. This was such a blessing. I have such an amazing up-line with support that I never could of asked for. Silver in 6 months? Nope, Silver in 2. Thank you Jesus is all I can say.

March  – Silver

March started out even better than I could imagine. We started the month with just under 200 members and have grown significantly by mid-month.

Hitting Gold from Silver is going to take work. I know when I hit Gold that I will have a full-time income and will be shifting my work to more of Young Living.  

This month’s paycheck from February was eye-opening. This is a business, it can make money with little investment. Those years of hearing about direct sales money finally hit me. People weren’t pulling my strings, I can work at home and make a significant income on my own terms. It is just about finding something that works for you. More importantly, something you are willing to invest in for yourself and family. 

How Much Does Each Young Living Rank Make?

Get the full low down on how much each Young Living Rank makes and how long it takes to rank. We have summarized it all in our Young Living Money post. 

Long Term Goals

All of this is not to brag. I have no bone in my body that wishes jealously or envy or what have you. That isn’t me, it isn’t my heart. I tell you all of this because if you are a direct sales doubter, I am here to say I WAS TO. I didn’t believe it. The idea of a Young Living income was no where on my radar.  There was no way I was going to be the annoying friend. 

Now that I have a regular commission coming in from Young Living, I have set goals. This can be a profitable business.

I have setup some long term goals.  My first goal – I would love to continue on the success path of Young Living. My first goal is to hit SILVER for three consecutive months. When I do that, I will be  invited on an all-expense paid trip to visit the Young Living farms. An all-expenses paid vacation, by myself? COUNT ME IN. 

Update, I hit this goal! Unfortunately, we had a major medical situation and was unable to attend. That’s okay, new goal – GOLD RETREAT.

Debt Free, Please

As a family, we would love to be able to pay off all of our debt. Living debt-free is something that we have longed for and have always hit road blocks as we try to get there.

A car needs replacing, a medical crisis comes up, but with this additional income, we will be able to eliminate debt slowly but surely and make sure that we are financially set for any unexpected life bumps.

Giving Back

Giving back is huge. This month, we decided that going forward we need to make a commitment to give a percentage of whatever is received to our church and to non-profits that we believe in. We give with my husband’s income but with this additional revenue, it’s important to us to be able to do this with consistency and a set percentage. 


I can’t guarantee results for you that I have achieved – but I can say this. Whatever you put into it is what you get from it. I have seen this true with myself and now with my sister who has a rising Young Living business of her own.

We would love to have you join our team. 

Did I mention that my mom, sister’s father-in-law and mother-in-law have all jumped in and started businesses as well? It’s truly been a blessing experiencing this all. 

Join Our Young Living Team!

Join Young Living

Want to join in on the fun? Click here to get started. We have a great growing team that we would love for you to be a part of.

Whether you just want to try essential oils, or like me – accidentally create a business – our team would love to have you join us! 

Building a business is NEVER a requirement! Click here to learn about just purchasing essential oils.

This Young Living Income Report is from the 2015 data. See above for the most recent Young Living Income Disclosure released. 

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