How Many Drops Are In An Essential Oils Bottle?

So you have your new essential oils starter kit and now you are trying to figure out the drops. How many drops actually are in that bottle of essential oils? We have the answer! Check out this helpful chart:

How Many Drops Are In An Essential Oils Bottle?

How Many Drops Are In A Bottle of Essential Oils?

As you can see from the chart – 1ml equals approximately 20 drops. The starter kit bottles come with 5ml so each bottle will have approximately 100 drops. This is a great set to start with by the way. You can see which essential oils you will use most, as well as have a good set for when you want to blend oils. 

Drops of Oil and Diffusing

On average, I usually use 2-3 drops per night in my diffuser before I go to bed. 

Happy Oiling!

I hope this helps you and your essential oils adventure. Happy Oiling!

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