lavender essential oil

Lavender Essential Oil – Lets Talk OILS!

I have talked a lot about LAVENDER on this blog – well because it’s one of my favorites. When I received my Premium Starter Kit, the first essential oil to be opened? LAVENDER. So as we venture our way thru the various essential oils, it was only fitting for lavender to be in the mix … Read More

chemical free carpet freshener

Peppermint Essential Oil Carpet Freshener

Continuing our featured essential oil for the week, let’s make a chemical free peppermint essential oil carpet freshener! This idea came from my husband actually. This past weekend he was cleaning out his SUV and well – let’s just say we have 4 kids and my husband never cleans out his vehicle.  He was wanting … Read More

Secret for always having fresh breath

The Secret to Fresh Breath

While I consider myself a fairly nice person who has learned to extend grace in most circumstances, there is one thing – that peeve that I just CANNOT shake. What is it? BAD BREATH.  Listen, I know that onions happen and people smoke, but come on. Let’s just agree that if you smoke or eat … Read More

diy rose sugar scrub

DIY Rose Sugar Scrub

Today’s essential oils idea comes to us straight from Young Living and their #DIYwithYL series. If you love the smell of rose, then this oil recipe is just for you. This essential oils recipe also makes a fabulous gift! Make it in bulk and give to a mom that needs it.      Here is what … Read More

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