3 Ways to Use Lavender Oil for Rest and Relaxation

One of my favorite uses for lavender oil is to help aid in rest and relaxation — let me say this, it works for me and I am not a doctor or here to tell you what to do, I just like sharing what works for me in hopes that it works for you!

So let’s talk about rest and relaxation and let’s talk about the essential oil – LAVENDER!

Using Lavender for Rest and Relaxation

I have always been a fan of the lavender or Lavandula. It’s one of those smells that just always resonates with me. To use it to help aid in rest and relaxation here is what I do:


I put 2 drops of Lavender oil into my Young Living oil diffuser.  It’s placed next to my bed. I have the bamboo diffuser which allows me to set a timer of 1 hour or 4 hours (I always choose 4). 

lavender oil for sleep

Lavender Linen Spray

Another way to use lavender oil is to spray on your bed. Making a simple lavender linen spray.  Here is my favorite linen spray recipe (this also makes a great gift!)

Lavender LInen Spray

I prefer to use distilled water over tap water.  Make sure to shake up your linen bottle before you spray. You can also use a variety of essential oils with this recipe, but personally – to aid with rest and relaxation I prefer lavender.

Rub Onto Your Feet

lavender socks

I really should get into the habit of doing this more often, not only for for relaxation and calming but for the soft feet aspect. Take coconut oil, put it into your palm. Rub it to melt it and drop Young Living lavender oil into the coconut oil. Mix that up. Next rub the coconut-lavender oil mixture onto your feet. Now cover with a pair of socks. (I love how soft my feet feel in the morning!)

There you go!


Love me some lavender!

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