The Secret to Fresh Breath

While I consider myself a fairly nice person who has learned to extend grace in most circumstances, there is one thing – that peeve that I just CANNOT shake. What is it? BAD BREATH. 

Listen, I know that onions happen and people smoke, but come on. Let’s just agree that if you smoke or eat onions or even coffee, we need to watch our breath. This is ESPECIALLY true if you have to work in close contact with the general public. Eye brow waxing lady, I am thinking specifically about you!

Secret for always having fresh breath

If you are like me and loathe bad breath, here is my secret for always having fresh breath. Yes, you could brush your teeth, but it’s not always an option and sometimes I want to kiss my husband good morning without having to run over to the bathroom. And yes, there is gum but let me let you in on my secret for fresh breath. 


Peppermint Essential Oils

Young Living’s peppermint essential oil is a GOD SEND and also a bad breath killer. With just a dot on the tongue, your bad breath will vanish and hello fresh breath.

Plus peppermint essential oil has a multitude of health benefits too!

I suggest using little vials and keeping peppermint oil with you wherever you go. I keep one next to my bed and in my car. I use often in my diffuser but next to my bed I can give a little dab on the tongue for instant fresh morning breath. And in the car, because I can diffuse in the car – but also have handy as a breath freshener! 

Seriously folks, this works wonders on bad breath!

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