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Here you will find the latest information on essential oils. Learn about the latest Young Living monthly promos, Savvy Mineral products, running a Young Living business and more.

Let’s talk oils y’all!

7 Uses for Lemon OIl

bleach alternative - lemon essential oil

Are you a fan of lemon? Then you will love lemon oil! Let’s give a look at the history of lemon oil, as well as application and usage.  7 Lemon…

10 Uses for Lavender Oil

Lavender Oil Uses

There is just something about the smell of lavender oil.. But did you know this essential oil does more than just smell good? Lavendula Angustifolia or lavender, is the most versatile…

Let’s Talk Essential Oils

Lets talk about using essential oils

I am one of those people who just likes things to smell a certain way. This doesn’t always work out, since I am the mom to two toddler boys (and…

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