DIY Lavender Linen Spray For Restful Nights Sleep

I have paid way too much money in the past for lavender linen spray. Lavender, I so LOVE the smell and of course the lavender essential oil, but I found out how easy it was to make linen spray. Let’s do this:

DIY Lavender Linen Spray

Lavender LInen Spray

You can use any size squirt bottle, but I used an 8 oz. Just adjust for your linen spray for whatever size you end up using.

8 oz Squirt Bottle

1.5 oz Alcohol

15 drops YL Lavender Essential Oil

6 oz Distilled Water

Place ingredients in the squirt bottle and SHAKE.  Also, I prefer to use distilled water over tap water. If you leave your bottle sitting for a while, just give it a shake to make sure all ingredients mix properly before using.

Don’t limit yourself to lavender! Why not try orange or peppermint?

Also, don’t limit yourself to using this just in bed. I made some for my husband to use in his clothes steamer. It works great (and definitely use distilled water if using in a steamer) and his clothes smell amazing as well!

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