Can You Really Make Money With Young Living?

I have a few things to say, but first.. I never thought I would make money with Young Living.

Second, I am not someone who cares to talk about how much money I make. *sigh* 

Third, sales has never been my thing. I remember crying at work when my boss wanted me to do cold calls, true story.

Now that I have gotten that off of my chest, let’s chat because this is something that I never thought would be. Let me answer your question…

Can You Really Make Money With Young Living?

Can you really make money with Young Living? The answer is surprisingly YES. Here is the story of accidentally falling into Young Living. Grab a coffee, or water or wine – whatever. 

Let’s chat. We’ve got a lot to cover and I’m about to give you ALL THE DEETS on making money with Young Living and direct sales.

Here’s what we are talking about:

  • I fell in love with an essential oil diffuser.
  • How that oil diffuser created an accidental business. 
  • Creating a brand and saying no to spamming my personal social media accounts.
  • My story in starting and making oil money with Young Living.
  • How to build a network marketing team.
  • What network legs are how they are created.
  • How direct sales can create a lot of income (I never got this, but do now!)
  • What a pyramid scheme is vs MLM. 
  • Learn how much money can you make with Young Living. 
  • Discover how much each Young Living rank makes AND how long it takes on average to get there. 
  • Corporate America, the lack of opportunity for growth and income. 
  • How women making over $100,000 are predominantly in direct sales. 
  • What would it cost to start a Young Living business.
  • Young Living sells so much more than essential oils!
  • How to purchase a premium starter kit (PSK) and how you don’t have to sell Young Living unless the business is meant for you.

Can You Make Money With Young Living Essential Oils?

I am already a business owner and have a career, selling essential oils was never EVER anything I ever thought I would, could, should do. When I purchased my starter essential oil kit, it was because I had heard rave reviews.

Essential Oil Diffuser Sold Me

If I am being completely honest, what totally closed the deal on my signing up for Young Living was the diffuser. I had heard about the dangers of candles and I love candles. A nice smelling home is must for me (I have 3 boys, I need something to cover up their stench!)

When over at a friend’s house, I noticed a unique scent.

“What candle is that?”
“I don’t use candles, must be the essential oil diffuser.” 

The essential oil diffuser sold me on Young Living. I was an easy sell – but let me be clear – now that I know ALL of the benefits of essential oils, I would have bought sooner.

I wanted the essential oil diffuser, not another business.

Signing Up for Young Living

I have a few friends that sell Young Living and I ended up signing up with one of them, purchasing the premium starter kit. THAT WAS ALL I WANTED. It made since to purchase, it had that essential oil diffuser I wanted – and a great starter kit of oils. That was that, until it wasn’t.

Remember – I wasn’t going to sell this stuff – I just wanted some OILS to diffuse!

Young Living Business - I bought a diffuser it became a business

Premium Starter Kit

My premium starter kit arrived, oh what a joyous day. My candle addiction was replaced with a healthy alternative. The air in our home was filled with the scent of lavender from my essential oil diffuser. It was glorious until my sister found out. 

Accidental Business Start-up

This is where I tell you about how this website and Young Living became an accidental business start-up. Remember, I have a career – people. While it takes work, don’t get me wrong – but this whole Young Living business thing happened on accident. 

I told my sister. 

Network Marketing and Sister

The only person I told about this was my sister. I tell her a million things a day, poor girl is my sounding board for all the things. I had made a rollerball for my husband and he loved the results. Our home smelled so fresh and it wasn’t due to candles. 

Sister wanted to “try them out” and see if they would do anything for her and her husband.

And like that. It happened. Network marketing and sister and I had a new business. What came next, caught me by total surprise. 

Snowball Effect

Next, my mom signed up. Then my sister’s friend signed up. My sister’s in-laws decided to join. Then a friend, then another friend. That’s what I mean by snowball effect. 

This snowball effect, became an actual business by word of mouth. I wasn’t posting any annoying Facebook posts or anything of the such.

When someone was introduced to the products, they “got it.” More people started signing up. When I decided that this was an actual business, I decided to create this essential oils blog. More on that later. 

Making Oil Money

Back to the question can you make money with Young Living?

So my first paycheck arrived in December 2014. Coincidentally, 2 of my tires were nearly bald. I had joked about getting tires for Christmas, but instead of having to use Christmas money for tires – I used Young Living money. I like to call it oil money. We are in Texas, so it always makes me chuckle. 

I have to say my results may not be typical. I didn’t even think about Young Living as a business. And I for sure didn’t think Young Living would make any money. Remember, I bought it for the oils and that essential oil diffuser. I ended up with a business, that made money. 

Building a Network Marketing Team

My up-line contacted me and said that they wanted to help me build a team, if I was interested. Here is where I had my second pause. WAIT. Am I going to have to use my personal social media account to spam the world about oils?

Building a team - young living team income network

If building a network marketing team meant being unfriended or ruining my personal brand reputation – I was NOT IN. Fortunately – this was NOT the case. 

Something people don’t think about when building a network marketing team is that while YES, some of your friends and family will enjoy the product – essential oils or any other product is not water. It’s not free and it may not be for everyone.

So, I went all in for building a network marketing team – I mean, hello… if I can cover an electric bill or maybe buy 2 more tires the next month – that would be awesome.  Did I expect it, nope – is it normal, maybe not – but hard works pays off and it happened.  

riches are in the niches

What building a network marketing team IS about finding your audience. Riches are in the niches. Remember this. 

Side note: My husband and I have 4 kids. There is NEVER enough money, something ALWAYS comes up. This was a blessing. 

Creating Network Legs

Here’s the thing that I had no idea about network marketing. When you create a relationship with your upline, they help your business grow. They can do that by creating network legs for you. This concept blew my mind and it all started to make sense on why this network marketing thing worked.

what are network legs - illustration direct sales org chart

Specifically, this idea of creating network legs turned the light bulb on in my head and clearly answered the question can you make money with Young Living.

It answered that question and was an AW-HA moment on how you can make money with Young Living

Network Marketing Org Chart

If you have been in corporate America, or well pretty much any job – you are familiar with an org chart. I’m going to dive into this as a network marketing org chart for illustration.

Here is what a Young Living org chart looks like (and well most network marketing org charts are the same, but we are talking Young Living here!)

  • Your up-line is the CEO of her org chart. She can put you in various spaces in her org chart. 
  • You are the CEO of your’s organization chart. You can put anyone who signs up under you in various spaces in YOUR org chart.
  • When someone signs up under you, they are the CEO of their org chart. They can put their customers in certain spaces in their chart.
  • The process continues for future customers. 

But what does this mean? It means that when you are put under someone, your new leader receives a commission off anything that you purchase – or anything that anyone under you purchases.

This is the power of network marketing. This is how you can make serious money with Young Living

Magic in Numbers

Next, let’s look at this serious money thing and dive a little deeper into network marketing.

Here is where the magic in numbers happens. If my up-line has a customer and when she puts her in the org chart – she puts her under me – all of a sudden, I am getting a part of her customer’s commission. 

Did you hear that? MIND BLOWN. The magic in numbers is volume. As people come in, you move setup your organization with a network marketing org chart. 

So in the beginning, as new Young Living customers came to me – I would put them in my chart under my sister. To this day, she still gets commission from anyone I put in her downline. The same is said for anyone MY up-line put in my downline. Magic in numbers, people. It’s pretty amazing. 

Earning Commission

So now we are earning commission from anyone who my up-line put in my chart, under me. The beauty of this entire thing is that to grow – you build a network marketing org chart that essentially helps build teams for your team.

You continue earning commission not just for you – but your sale all of a sudden is now helping someone else earn commission. Pretty crazy right?

Pyramid Schemes vs MLM

It took me a long time to process this network marketing business thing. You know the naysayers who love to say – OH that pyramid scheme. Well, actually no. Pyramid scheme lies happen all the time when MLM (multi-level marketing) or network marketing is brought up.

You see, pyramid schemes are illegal.

Let’s look at pyramid schemes vs MLM. Pyramid schemes have no real product sold. They are illegal and the product is a fake investment. 

So just in case you need it said in black and white – Young Living is NOT a pyramid scheme. You make money thru product commissions and by distributors that you sign up. 

Network Marketing Skeptic

As I mentioned, I was a TOTAL NETWORK MARKETING SKEPTIC HERE. I think it was my parents who put the fear of MLM or network marketing into me… PYRAMID SCHEME or whatever back in the old days it was called…. 

Direct Sales Companies

I have been approached by many friends, asked to join their direct sales companies. Mary Kay, Pampered Chef, Plexus, Southern Living at Home, JamBerry, Advocare, Herbalife, Avon, Scentsy – I am sure you guys know all about these direct sales companies. Perhaps you have a bad taste in your mouth about it. 

I KNOW there are a ton of these direct sales companies and products. Here is the thing – they just didn’t feel right for me to sell. Yes, I used the products – I am not saying that you can’t make money or shouldn’t make money with these direct sales companies – I am just saying, for me it didn’t feel like the right fit. 

essential oils skeptic

Not once, have I felt awkward about selling Young Living products because I honestly love the products. I found a way to create an audience and tell people who want to hear about the product and learn more with traditional word-of-mouth marketing, AND this essential oils blog.

Creating a Brand – Essential Oils Are My BFF

essential oils are my bff logo

I created a brand for my Young Living business. It’s has changed my WHOLE perspective on network marketing and direct sales. I also know that you can create a business with a direct sales company without posting non-stop on your personal social media accounts!

In case you didn’t guess – the brand is Essential Oils Are My BFF. Why Essential Oils Are My BFF?  Because these oils and I were like instant best friends. While I am SO not a sales person – I love to share a good find. Young Living essential oils ARE a good find and my newest BFF. 

Working From Home

For years, I worked corporate America – wanting to be able to work-at-home. I had kids, and while I didn’t mind them being in daycare for some of the time – I didn’t want them totally absent from my life.

After having our fourth child, I started another business and have worked my TAIL off to make sure that I DON’T have to go back into the office.

Do you need to be a provider for your family?  With 4 kids, we require multiple income streams. With Young Living – it seriously feels so cliche… “I don’t even feel like I am working.”  This is so true. I use the Young Living products daily.

How Much Money Can I Make With Young Living?

The money question. How much money can I make with Young Living? If you have thought about creating your own business – of COURSE if you are putting time and effort into something, you want to know what the outcome could be. 

Here is a timeline of how MY Young Living business grew. Of course, disclaimer – everyone’s business grows at a different rate. A lot of it is how much work you put into it – just like any other business. 

How Much Money Can I Make With Young Living?

Let’s Talk Money

Let’s talk money. Young Living Income. How much can someone make with Young Living? Surely selling essential oils won’t bring in thousands. Well… about that. Actually it can, and actually Young Living is way more than essential oils. 

In December I was promoted to Senior Star.

In January, I was promoted to Executive.

And now… here we are in March, just 4 months since I purchased my premium starter kit and then I hit silver. 

Young Living Income Disclosure

Here’s a chart that shows the average Young Living Income Disclosure. This income report is based off of Young Living Income Disclosure for 2017.

I’ve created a simple income diagram to show you how much money you can make with Young Living. 

As you can see, there is monthly income range and monthly income average. Again, depending on many factors including how much sales you personally did, how much your downline did – you can see the range in income. 

What does Senior Star, Executive, Silver MEAN? Here is a income diagram showing how much money you can make with Young Living.

Young Living Income Disclosure Report

It ain’t easy – but attainable? TOTALLY.

If your eyeballs are popping out of your head here, let me break this down in text terms. First, as you can see there is real money selling Young Living products and growing your network marketing team.

Here is a breakdown of Young Living Income per rank. 

Distributor Income

A Young Living Distributor makes between $0 – $725 a month, $26 on average. The Distributor’s average annual income is $312. 

The stats are n/a for achieving this rank as any customer can be a Young Living Distributor.

Star Income

Young Living Star income ranges from $0 – $932 per month, $75 on average. The Star’s average income annually is $906.

To achieve the Star rank, it takes from 1 – 267 months – the average being 12 months. 

Senior Star Income

A Senior Star income is between $2 – $5,531 a month. The average monthly income being – $235. A Senior Star’s average income is $2,819.

It takes between 1-255 months to become a Senior Star, with the average being 19 months.

Executive Income

Young Living Executive income is between $34 – $13,210 a month. The average is $502. The average annual income is $6,028. 

On average, it takes between 1 – 254 months to become an Executive, the average being 25 months.

Silver Income

Young Living Silver income ranges from $229 – $29,248 a month, averaging $2,088. The average annual income of a Silver is $25,059. 

To become a Silver, it takes on average 32 months, and can range from 1 – 252 months.

Gold Income

Let’s talk Gold income! Gold monthly income is between $1,506 a month to $48,630 a month. The average being $5,666.  Their average annual income is $67,995. 

Ranking Gold takes on average 49 months. It can range from 2 – 263 months. 

Platinum Income

Platinum income is where you will see on AVERAGE mid 6-figures! The average monthly income of a Platinum is $11,057. Their income ranges from $4,375 – $90,275 a month. $166,468 is the average annual income of a Platinum. 

To rank Platinum, you are looking on average 58 months. This can range from 5 months to 243 months. 

Diamond Income

Let’s talk DIAMOND income. Young Living Diamond’s make between $6,256 a month and $163,387 a month. On average they bring in $27,972 a month. The average annual income is $424,178 – yes, almost half a million a year. 

On average, it takes 70 months to become a diamond. The range for rank is 7 – 251 months. 

Crown Diamond Income

Crown Diamond income is even more impressive. The average Young Living Crown Diamond monthly income is $64,477 a month. This can range from $28,492 – $231,397 a month. The annual income of a Crown Diamond is $773,724. 

The average ranking time for this rank is 85 months. It can take as little as 16 months to as many as 258 months to become a Crown Diamond. 

Royal Crown Diamond Income

Young Living Royal Crown Diamond income may seem like a dream, but knowing a RCD – I KNOW they do exist! So let’s talk big money. A Royal Crown Diamond makes $144,551 a month on average. This can range from $50,770 to $326,334 a month.

Are you ready to hear the annual salary of a Royal Crown Diamond? 

A Royal Crown Diamond makes $1,734,606 a year – on average. 

It can take 17 months to 230 months to become a Royal Crown Diamond – on average it takes 97 months.

Get the complete lowdown directly from Young Living on their  ->

Corporate vs Young Living

Let’s talk about this for a second. 97 months may seem like a long time, but how long have you been at your job? I worked in corporate America at the same business for 16 years. That is 192 months. While I climbed the corporate ladder, avoided layoffs and occasionally received bonuses – 6 figures was the tops I would make. 

I worked on average 50 hours a week (that’s averaging in the 3 weeks a year I took off for vacation.) 

After seeing the Young Living Income Disclosure for the first time and realizing that 97 months was 8 years, I kept thinking about how many people work their tale off for 8 years and get NO WHERE in corporate America.

Even in 8 years, if someone was to rank to Platinum rank – that on average $166,468 a year. I know several who are Young Living Platinums and their incomes are even more than this. This is the average in 2017 for Young Living Worldwide. 

Women Earning Money

What even blows me away more is that the majority of these Young Living earners are WOMEN. Not that I am going all feminist on you hear, but ladies – let’s face it. Corporate America as a whole, does NOT have our backs.

Can you believe this? I can.

82% of women who make over $100k a year did it through direct sales women meme

82% of women who make over 100K a year, did it through direct sales.

This stat is from is from a Linked In article by Entrepreneur magazine. 

Retire Your Husband

Off the top of my head, I know 3 women who have retired their husbands from their jobs because of their Young Living incomes. Their husbands are now apart of their Young Living teams. How cool is that?! 

Or if it’s not cool and you don’t want your husband around the house all day, maybe he can find a job that he actually enjoys.

Financial Freedom & Flexibility

There is just so much here to say about financial freedom, but more than anything – this entire business is based on working with valuable products that can change lives. More than the flexibility, financial incentives – these are everyday products that are helping people in multiple ways.

I never expected to make any money with Young Living. I bought this for the freaking oil diffuser and now it has become a business. 

Young Living Business Opportunity

If Young Living is something you want to pursue as a business, I will be happy to help you succeed. The way Young Living works – the more you help people become successful – the more YOU are successful.

It all starts with you purchasing products, falling in love with them and telling people. The cycle continues. Even if you don’t want to create a business, just by a friend purchasing from you – you can pay for your purchase. In addition, Young Living has an amazing way for you to earn money towards product, more on that later.

Total BOLOGNA. That’s what it sounded like to me. 

I didn’t believe it until I saw it first hand. My up-line has helped grow my team. I have been able to help my sister create a Young Living business. We now work this as a TEAM. I don’t succeed unless she does and she doesn’t succeed unless I do.  

More Than Essential Oils

We couldn’t do this if the products weren’t amazing. We use Young Living products day in and day out. Did you know that Young Living has more than essential oils? Yes! In fact, Young Living now has over 600 life-changing products.

  • Our home is now cleaned with Thieves. We are getting rid of toxins and chemicals using this natural cleaner. It works and SMELLS amazing.
  • I take Young Living Super B tablets for amazing energy (with NingXia Red of course.)
  • My husband takes their probiotic.
  • Smoothies are made with Young Living protein.
  • The kids shower using KidScents.
  • I use Lavender bath soap.  We drank the kool-aid because it works. And if it didn’t work, I wouldn’t be selling Young Living essential oils and products. 

How to Start Selling Essential Oils and Young Living Products

So you want to start selling essential oils and Young Living products – great!  Getting started as a customer or as a business is easy. The first step is buying a Young Living Premium Starter Kit.

young living premium starter kit

Sha-zam! You are NOW A DISTRIBUTOR – and if you want – you can create a business.

The start-up cost is $160 (plus shipping) for a Premium Starter Kit. 

You do not have to sell in order to buy the kit, but if you buy the kit you can sell. And if you buy the PSK (premium starter kit) from me, you are on our team. Team Essential Oils Are My BFF! 

We offer a fabulous bonus package that will help you learn all about essential oils and starter kit. It’s a priority to us that you know how to use essential oils and Young Living products, because if you know how to use them and use them – you too will love them like we do. 

And if you are interested in starting a business, we can help you with that too. 

Starting a Home Business

If you are interested in starting a home business with Young Living – we are here to help. After you purchase your Premium Starter Kit thru our link above, we will send an email and only if you are interested we will send you information about starting a home business with Young Living. 

The costs are minimal to start your Young Living business, especially compared to any other home business.

First, let’s get you your premium starter kit. Then introduce you to the products for you to fall in love with. 

Find out how you and your family can use them and how they will benefit your life. Once you figure that out, spreading the word is all it takes to start earning money selling essential oils. 

Get started on your essential oils journey today!

(Updating this post in 2018 to reflect the latest numbers for Young Living Income – see the bottom graphic for a 2015 Young Living income chart.)

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